Orange Judd Project

The Orange Judd Project, endorsed by the Rochester Historical Preservation Society in 2013, was established to research and record the histories of buildings pictured in the original 1918 Orange Judd Farmer Pictorial Community Album of Rochester Township and Village. The subsequent research led to the identification of 118 Orange Judd buildings in the Rochester township and village.

The Rochester Historical Preservation Society has provided the funding for the production of two separate guides to these buildings:

  • The Orange Judd Historic Walking Tour Guide (published in 2015)
  • The Orange Judd Historic Farm Homes of Rochester Township (published in 2018).

Both of these guides are available at the Rochester Public Library and are free to the public.

Research on the Orange Judd buildings is an ongoing project with current homeowners encouraged to contribute any knowledge or background they might have about their historic homes.

Orange Judd Historical Walking Tour Guide

Orange Judd Historic Farm Homes of Rochester Township


As a tax-exempt organization (number E 9941-5216-01) we are always very grateful for any donations and you may review our donation giving brochure for some ideas. In addition to monetary donations we are interested in furniture and smaller miscellaneous items that are of the 1800-1840 eras. Use the PayPal button below for secure donations.