Rochester Historical Preservation Society

A few photos of the evolution of the house.
When first constructed the house did not have the roof over hang on the eve and gable ends.  The house had a well inside on the lower level. The house has 2 fireplaces, the lower level fireplace also has an oven. The house originally had wooden gutters along the roof eves and these were directed into a well built below ground cistern near the northwest corner of the house. Please click on the Thumbnail images to view a larger picture.

Circa 1910.JPG
Circa 1990.JPG
Circa 1990 2.JPG
Circa 1995.JPG
Stone Lintel.jpg
Loft Area.jpg
1830s Joinery.jpg
Original Rafters.jpg
Rafter Peg.jpg
Rafter Peg 2.jpg
Placing Lintels.jpg
Placing Log Beams.jpg
New Ends.jpg
New Roof.jpg
Last Roof Filtches.jpg
Next Phase.jpg
New Windows.jpg
180 Stairway.jpg
Loft Area2.jpg
Lean To.jpg
Circa 2005.jpg
Lean To 2.jpg
Nearing Completion.jpg